Maxi Bull

Fast Straightening bench mod. Maxi Bull


to repair quickly small and medium damages

the firmness of the chassis allows the positioning of any type of vehicle in a simple and quick way without the use of ramps, with only 4 universal vices


  • lifting power 3000 Kg
  • minimum height from the ground 140 mm
  • maximum height from the ground 1312 mm
  • size lenght 3250 x width 880 mm
  • rise time 60 seconds
  • power supply 230/400V - 50/60H - 3PH
  • weight 1300Kg


the mechanical hinge for lifting the bench with a downhill stop guarantees the full safety, the 4-stands mounted on spheres allow to effortlessly center the car, the pulling arm fits in any position around the bench and it can be pulled in any direction: front, side and rear


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